1. Epic Art Studio

You can take advantage of a supervised quieter space, using all of the art activities and supplies, free of charge.  This program offers youth an opportunity to express themselves through creation.  At Epic it doesn't matter if you have true skills as an artist, or if you just like to doodle because it calms your mind. You can get ambitious and take up drawing, painting, sketching, or keep it simple and fill up adult coloring books that help calm anxiety and stress.  You can keep your projects or share them on our gallery wall.

The Art Studio is open Monday-Thursday 2-6pm

2. Epic 2.0  

At Epic, we want to help youth develop in the 5 key areas of leadership – Communication, Teamwork, Personal Identity, Professionalism, and Project Management.  The development of leadership contributes greatly to the positive development of young people and their communities.  Leadership skills, such as goal-setting, problem-solving and sound decision-making, are not just necessary for leaders - these skills are needed for success in today's world. Epic connects after school tutors, mentors and technological resources to the kids who need it most.  If you need help with peer intervention, resume writing, job applications, interview preparation, scholarship and university applications or STEP grants – Epic has you covered.

3. Epic Summer Day Camps     

(Summer Day Camps will be offered on a rotational basis, as available):

The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is a fun event that is based on the reality TV show featured on CBS. During the race, you will be directed to certain checkpoints to find certain items and clues as part of a scavenger hunt. During the hunt, you will be given clues along the way that will guide you to the next checkpoint.  You will experience some of the uniqueness of the community as you discover the variety and culture of Cardston.  Each team that participates will receive great prizes and treats.  This will be a great and fun opportunity for you to bring a new friend and have an Amazing night!

Epic Treasure Hunt

Many kids dream of finding buried treasure.  Join us for an Epic treasure hunt, where you will receive training in use of a metal detector and GPS, before engaging in local treasure hunts.  You will follow a geocaching course.  Many treasures await, with a guaranteed prize at the end!

Epic Pinnacle Camp

This Epic day camp travels to Waterton Park.  We take you on two different hikes and finish it off with a picnic on top of the mountain and an ice cream cone for all participants.

Water Olympics

Epic provides a bounty of the "funnest" water games for you to beat the heat, make new social connections, and breakdown personal barriers.   We play all day and finish with a great pool party!

Back to School Stress Camp

This camp is a “must attend” before heading back to school.  Stressed-out brains can't learn as much... can't make as many sound decisions.  Teens need stress reduction tools to help stay on course, maximize their potential and decrease negative side effects of stress (i.e. bad habits, anxiety, withdrawal).  "We have a stress epidemic in our youth and they need more ways to cope." - Dr. Julie Hartman.   The research-supported strategies that we’ll explore and practice are based on Mindfulness and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  This camp is part classroom style and part outside activities.  Epic youth will have the opportunity to focus on how to efficiently and properly rest, refuel, and reduce stress in their often stress-filled lives.

Digital Detox

We live in a very technological/digital world. We have small devices where we can call others, message others, Google search, find a map to guide us and about a million other things that can all be found at our fingertips! Sadly, we also live in a world where we don’t know how to personally communicate with others.  We challenge youth to wake up to a sense of purpose, to learn to actively listen and to contribute to their own daily happiness.  This camp is part classroom style and part outside activities.  Once we are fully disconnected, we get the youth outside for some fantastic group activities.

Crazy Cooking Camp

Epic teams up with Lethbridge College for this exciting camp.  Lethbridge College's Youth Culinary Boot Camp Level 1 provides campers the opportunity to discover basic cooking techniques in a professional kitchen. This camp has been created with young food enthusiasts in mind, allowing students to learn hands on in the kitchen. Lethbridge College’s Culinary Youth Boot Camp allows students to explore all aspects of meal creations; appetizers, soups, salads, main courses and desserts.  The youth are able to keep their chef jacket and hat.

Dating 180

Youth are tired of the lame local dating scene.  This workshop uses a fun, interactive and hands-on approach to demonstrate the RIGHT way to date.  Youth will learn the answers to questions such as: “Why should I date?”,  “How can I maximize my dating experience?” and “How can dating really prepare me for marriage?”  Youth will also learn about lost boundaries and the art of meaningful courtship.  At this workshop they will learn, laugh and change the way they date… forever!

4.   Epic Fuel-Up

After school hunger pains?  Come join us for some great snacks to hold you over as you meet with friends for a quick game or just chill and listen to some tunes.

5. Epic Jam Night

Music is healing!  Victor Hugo once said, that “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”.  On Jam Night, come join us for open mic karaoke, battle of the bands or just to chill and enjoy some beats!  We supply the “Mic Drop Stage”- complete with sound systems, lighting, and instruments.